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     Each of us perceives music individually. It is impossible to compare how two different people perceive the same melody. Kabbalah, the science about the soul, is also very individual. Kabbalah is the method for the full revelation of each unique soul's potential, placed in it at the moment of the creation of existence...

     The music presented on this site embodies various variations of melodies composed by Baal HaSulam, one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time, as well as recorded songs of Kabbalists of the past.
The visitor will also find links to various related materials on music and Kabbalah.

Special thanks to the Bnei Baruch World Academy for Kabbalah Studies for providing materials and recordings.
  Melodies Of the World To Come


Jazz music
  Nir Ben Zion
(Jazz interpretation of music of Baal Sulam)
    Composition 1    (12.27Mb)
    Composition 2    (10.11Mb)
    Composition 3    (14.52Mb)

Rock music
  Band "Bnei Baruch"
(Music of Baal HaSulam in modern arrangement)   
    Melody 1. Chasal Seder Pesach    (3.47Mb)
    Melody 2. Azamer Beshvachin    (2.99Mb)
    Melody 3. Bnei Heichala    (5.77Mb)
    Melody 4. Ki Chilattzta Nafshi    (3.97Mb)
    Melody 5. Tzadik    (3.95Mb)
    Melody 6. Waltz    (1.42Mb)
    Melody 7. Kaddish    (1.12Mb)
    Melody 8. Ia'ale Tachanuneinu    (4.87Mb)
    Melody 9. Ki Chilattzta Nafshi    (2.1Mb)
    Melody 10. Kel Mistater    (1.51Mb)
    Melody 11. Misod Chachamim    (1.38Mb)
    Melody 12. Tzadik    (2.31Mb)
    Melody 13. Misod Chachamim (Yeshivat Chaverim)    (1.43Mb)
    Melody 14. Bnei Heichala    (1.35Mb)

  Oren Levi
(Shabbat Kabbalistic songs)
    Dror Ikra (4.92Mb)   
    Song 1 (4.80Mb)   
    Song 2 (5.91Mb)   
    Song 3 (4.92Mb)   


(from the book of ARI
"The Tree Of Life", Part I)

Behold, that before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created,

The upper simple light had filled the whole existence.

And there was no vacancy, such as an empty atmosphere, a hollow, or a pit,

But all was filled with simple, boundless light.

And there was no such part as head, or tail,

But everything was simple, smooth light, balanced evenly and equally,

And it was called the Endless Light.

And when upon His simple will, came the desire to create the world and emanate the emanations,

To bring to light the perfection of His deeds, His names, His appellations,

Which was the cause of the creation of the worlds,

He then restricted Himself, in the middle,

Precisely in the center,

He restricted the light.

And the light drew far off to the sides around that middle point.

And there remained an empty space, a vacuum

Circling the middle point.

And the restriction had been uniform

Around the empty point,

So that the space

Was evenly circled around it.

There, after the restriction,

Having formed a vacuum and a space

Precisely in the middle of the endless light,

A place was formed,

Where the emanated and the created might reside.

Then from Endless Light a single line hung down,

Lowered down into that space.

And through that line, He emanated, formed,

Created all the worlds.

Before these four worlds came to be

There was one infinite, one name, in wondrous, hidden unity,

That even for the closest of the angles

There is no attainment in the endless,

As there is no mind that can perceive it,

For He has no place, no boundary, no name...

From the book of ARI "The Tree Of Life", part I

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Music and Kabbalah... What is the connection between them?
Everyone has a conception of what music is, but not everyone, by far, knows what Kabbalah is.

     Kabbalah is the science of the structure of the universe, the developmental laws of spiritual worlds and our world, and of the purpose of man. Through these graphs and schemes, Kabbalah talks of mans' feelings, his soul, and music. Music also talks to man in a language of feelings and emotions; therefore it is close to Kabbalah.

     What is music? It is an emotion, captured in its evolvement. Only music can deliver the process of transforming feelings through time. That is why the music of Kabbalah provides those who do not yet perceive the spiritual world with a certain analogy of the impression of spirituality that is felt by the Kabbalist.

     Kabbalistic music is written by great Kabbalists as an expression of their spiritual sensations. It is inherently located at a high spiritual level. This music delivers the listener to eternity and perfection.